Our day begins at 7.am  with children enrolled in before care with activities in areas and breakfast. The academic schedule starts at 9.am. and continues until 4.pm with dismissal for all our students enrolled in academic schedule.

After 4.pm  the Spanish Immersion after care starts with activities, music, games, crafts until 6.pm.

Academic Schedule  

7.00am - Arrival before care  – Free play  
8.15am - Breakfast

9.00am - Circle time and Class Development  (Thematic Units)

9.30am - Centers and Small groups activities

10.15am - Snack

10.40am - Outdoor playing / Gardening 

11.30am - Yoga or meditation or dance 

12.00am - Lunch / quiet time 

2.50pm  - Snack

3.00pm - Outdoor Playing 

3.40pm - Centers / Reading 

4.00pm - Dismissal Preschool 

4.00pm - Music - Arts and crafts

5.00pm  - Free play time – Dismissal

*This is a general guideline of our daily activities; our schedule may vary due staffing, children’s age groups, special activities, children’s needs, weather, etc.

Spanish Immersion Preschool