Spanish Immersion Preschool 

Our curriculum and educational approach has been designed to promote the best development during the early years of your child. We utilize The Creative Curriculum for planning our 10 thematic units and we are inspired in Montessori and Gardner's educational theories. We value the idea to provide diverse activities to promote abilities and skills. ​According to Gardner, an intelligence is "a bio-psychological potential to process information that can be activated in a cultural setting to solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture"(1999).

Spanish Immersion 

Spanish Immersion is a method of teaching in the classroom entirely in Spanish. The teacher, speaks and teaches in Spanish and the students speak and ask questions in Spanish as well.  Thematic Units, games, songs, and other activities during the schedule are entirely provided in Spanish with the purpose of promote great listening skills that can contribute in pronunciation, comprehension and vocabulary. The early exposure of a second language not only stimulates and challenges the brain but builds an extra mental capacity and further develops concentration, listening, analyzing, and verbal abilities. 

Project Based learning

Project based learning involves children’s in-depth investigation and help them to understand a new concept through hands-on activities. The teacher’s role is to support children through their exploration and provide guidance and opportunities for exploring and discovering. When children learn new topics using hands-on activities they become more independent, self-confident, inquisitive and well organized.

Areas of learning: Cognitive, Mathematics, Language, Science, Art, Social-emotional, Fine and Gross motor, Ecologic. 

Sensorial activities​

The education of the senses is an indirect preparation for academic and cultural development. Sensorial materials are used to help the intellect and are the foundations for reading, writing, mathematics concepts, music, art and science. Children learns important concepts using simple activities through manipulation and exploration.

Yoga -Meditation -Dance 

Eco-mindfulness activities like yoga, meditation and dance promotes quality of learning in numerous ways, from nurturing a sense of inner peace to enhancing self-confidence to facilitate socialization and respect for ourselves and others. Our schedules will be adding all of these activities on age-appropriate practices. ​

Multicultural activities ​

​We are happy to promote multicultural activities and parent involvement as part of our curriculum. Parents are invited to bring and share dishes in our potlucks, teach us a traditional songs, play instruments, read books for our students, and be active participant in our school.

Eco-friendly approach 

We believe that children can make a positive and wonderful impact in our world when they adopt routines and grow observing, participating and practicing of eco-friendly activities during their daily schedule. The educators at Kiddie Mundo believes in the importance of teaching how to live eco-friendly with the nature around us. Is very important to introduce this concepts during the preschool age and expose children to different ecologic activities. Kiddie Mundo Spanish Immersion is part of Natural Start Alliance, that is is a coalition of educators, parents, organizations, and others who want to help young children connect with nature and care for the environment. Natural Start is a project of the North American Association for Environmental Education. For more information please visit